Proprietary technology to use atmospheric CO2 for production leading to a negative CO2 footprint anywhere in the world

Carbon Biotech

High Potential for both Revenues & Social-Ecological Impact 

Green-Tech process to manufacture IMPCT protein, the first Spirulina-based vegan protein

Superior quality validated on human cells at comptetive price

Carbon Biotech holds a unique intellectual property with a patented process enabling the exclusive cultivation of Spirulina using atmospheric CO2

Through our groundbreaking technology, we where able to reduce the production costs by more then 70 %

Our work is impact-oriented on each level of sustainability: environmentally, socially as well as  economically.

Who We Are

Carbon Biotech, an innovative spin-off from Brandenburg University of Technology, is at the forefront of transforming Spirulina, offering Impct Protein as a game-changing solution in sustainable farming and healthy nutrition.

Our Mission

Carbon Biotech strives to positively impact human and planetary health by providing The world’s first alternative protein that is complete

What Drives Us

The rising global demand for animal protein, driven by population growth and the evolving diets of an expanding middle class, is clashing with the limits of sustainability. Climate change compounds this challenge by threatening food and water security worldwide, making it clear that traditional animal agriculture cannot alone meet future food needs.

What We Are Doing

Based on extensive research we will be able to introduce a revolutionary way of producing a novel protein source based on the microalgae Spirulina whilst actively removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.


By achieving this we will be able to tap into the rapidly growing alternative protein market which targets the markets of meat, dairy and egg protein calculated a trillion in 2025.


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