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To support Carbon Biotech’s BCCU vision for strong climate and environment protection, sustainable prosperous economy along with high social impact we need your help as Donator, Investor or just as somebody who wants to make positive impact.

Through our network of financial specialists, Carbon Biotech is offering full service how to achieve the best impact with your money.

Please contact us if you want to support and donate the realization of

  • The complete “BCCU vision for a sustainable world without dangerous global warming”
  • The BCCU subproject “Microalgae Biomass for farm animal feeding in Africa”
  • BCCU subproject “Microalgae Protein” as climate-friendly alternative to soy production
  • BCCU subproject “Microalgae Food Ration Packs” to help people in disaster and war zones
  • The BCCU subproject “Probiotic Biofertilizer for agriculture and afforestation in Africa”

If you would like to Donate, please contact us directly at: info[at]


Please contact us if you want to invest into

  • The BCCU subproject “Microalgae protein as Superfood for human nutrition”
  • The BCCU subproject “Next-generation bioreactor for atmospheric carbon dioxide fixation into microalgae biomass”
  • The Proof of concept of “integrated BCCU plant for atmospheric carbon sequestration and production of Bioenergy & Carbon Chemicals”  

If you would like to Invest, please contact us directly at: info[at]

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