More than 95% of independent climate science experts agree that anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 emissions are the main driving force for global warming. Actually, the global temperature is already 1°C higher than 1880, the starting point of worldwide temperature recording.

December 2015, COP21, the historic UN Climate Conference in Paris, decided to limit the existing global temperature rise to less than 2°C in comparison to the year 1880. This is the famous Paris Agreement.

Recently, leading climatologists warned again that self-reinforcing climate tipping points could be triggered if the temperature increase would exceed 2°C. This likely will drive the planet into the trajectory of so-called “hothouse earth”. Planet earth could be locked in such a hothouse phase for a period much longer than any human history. This surely would be devastating for human civilization and biodiversity. Therefore, worldwide carbon dioxide emission should be limited to allow for a not more than plus 1.5°C world, which certainly is a safe scenario.

Unfortunately, the world is still facing increasing carbon dioxide emissions. The remaining budget for CO2 emissions in order to keep the plus 1.5°C scenario will be used up soon. We move to the point of no return when a critical threshold of atmospheric carbon dioxide is reached leading to unacceptable global warming.

Combating and mitigating these destructive effects will prove to be extremely complicated as well as resource draining.
Industrial processes need to enter a new era of decarbonization, moving away from traditional fossil carbon-based production, petro chemistry and fossil energy use in the next 10-15 years, seeking industrial alternatives.

A fundamental change in the economic system is needed everywhere on the planet.

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