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Young promising scientists from abroad having a grant can apply for PhD thesis or Postdoc position at BTU with Professor Küpper as supervisor.

Chair of Molecular Cell Biology

Prof. Dr. Jan-Heiner Küpper

Focus of our Research Lab at BTU

Prof. Küpper’s research group for molecular cell biology deals with the development and investigation of proliferative human cell culture systems. With our upcyte®/EPCC (enhanced primary cell culture) technology it is possible to propagate primary cells directly and efficiently in cell culture without using stem cells. Our aim is to use physiologically relevant human cells such as hepatocytes, endothelial cells or cardiomyocytes for basic cell biological research and drug testing including cytotoxicity studies.

An important topic is the investigation of the activity of phase I and phase II enzymes in hepatocytes with particular regard to the formation of drug metabolites. We are also investigating potentially toxic effects of chemicals on human cell culture systems.

Another field of research is the investigation of drug effects on colorectal cancer with the help of corresponding cell culture models. Priority is given to researching age-dependent effects, which is of particular clinical importance: up to now, drug studies have mainly been carried out with healthy, younger subjects, so that it is not known how an older body reacts to an active substance, especially when taking into account possible comedication.


In addition to these topics, Prof. Küpper is working with partners on new biotechnological processes for the quantitative removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and is giving lectures on interdisciplinary strategies for limiting climate change.

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